About Us

About Infoblazer LLC


Info Blazer Technologies was incorporated in 1997 under the name AD2001 Computer Services. The name was derived from the first names of the two founders, Anna and David and incorporated a reference to the upcoming millennium event.

Shortly after the turn of our century, we realized two things. Firstly, the world’s computers, miraculously, still worked. Secondly, our company’s name was now obsolete.

In 2001, AD2001 changes its name to Info Blazer Technologies. The current name derives from our first commercial software production, Bid Blazer, but with a larger focus on the larger domain of general information processing.

In 2003, Info Blazer Technologies reorganized in Sarasota Florida as Infoblazer, LLC.

Since our founding, Infoblazer has been consulting for large and small corporate customers. Initially, most of our work was in the Microsoft side of the spectrum (Access, VB, ASP). Today, Infoblazer is focused on cutting edge enterprise technologies such as microservices. Additionally, work performed for General Electric Company has been featured in The New York Times as well as in a 60 Minutes interview with Jack Welch.

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