Cleaning Bits

I’ve been meaning for some time to post some articles I’ve done as part of my Doctoral studies. I don’t think any of these will turn into a dissertation, but I believe all are interesting and hopefully of worth to someone.

JIMQL began as a critique of a research paper and developed into an open source project implementing some of my ideas about this domain.

I also looked into Client Side Encryption for HTML Form Fields. I believe this paper offers insight into improving web application security. In the appendix I propose additional security standards for implementation in a future version of HTML.

Finally, I’ve posted a philosophy paper I wrote a Carnegie Mellon in 1986. As it is one of the only things I’ve kept (other than my Master thesis) I must have though it wasn’t too bad. I haven’t reread it. Let me know what you think. the paper is posted on Professor V’s Teaching Cafe.

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