Looking back at BidBlazer

BidBlazer was developed and marketed by AD2001 Computer Services (which later became Infoblazer LLC) from 1999 through 2001. BidBlazer was one of the first in a new breed of online auction search tools and was the first client based tool in this niche. At it’s peak, BidBlazer searched eight online auction sites, including Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, and MSN

During this time period, Ebay greatly consolidated it’s share of the online market. Therefore, other auction sites were left with few listings and most were eventually phases out. Due to the overwhelming market share of Ebay, cross auction searches became less useful. Developers moved to building tools targeted towareds Ebay specifically, such as sniping and submission utilities. In addition, development of online searching during that time period was very prone to changes in online auction formats. Since there was generally no published API or XML communication tools, such as later popularized by Amazon and Google, keeping up to date with auction site changes was a constant process.Therefore, BidBlazer was phased out in mid 2001.

For posterity, here are some screen captures from the software and a review of the product from Rocketdownload.com

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