XX Pet Store

The XX Pet Store is an implementation of Sun’s Java Pet Store reference.

The Java pet store pet store has been used for the past several years as a reference implementation for many architecture and platforms, including Microsoft .net.

The XX Pet Store is a sample implementation of the Java pet store using the XX Framework. The original idea was taken from the Better Petshop project. The Better Petshop project implements the pet store using Hibernate, Tapestry, and Spring. The XX pet store is based on the better Petshop project, with some of the early sample classes based on this open source project. The final XX version is greatly simplified with much fewer Java classes.

Version 1.0 of the XX Pet Store uses a modified implementation of the better Petshop Tapestry presentation layer.

Version 1.1 of the XX Pet Store replaces this table based presentation with a fully CSS based approach.

Version 2.0 of the XX Pet Store incorporates SpringMVC.

As is the goal of the XX framework, the XX Pet Store’s automation allows implementation of the Java Pet Store functionality with only three Java functions. The additional coding was necessary where combined CRUD operations were needed, such as emptying a shopping cart after an order or modifying remaining quantities. In addition, some custom session based security needed to be implemented, as XX security is currently user based. Future versions of the XX Framework will provide this type of functionality.

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