Review of Efficient Object Querying for Java

Research Critique of “Efficient Object Querying for Java”

David Moskowitz

Doctoral Student

Nova Southeastern University

Fall 2010


Introduction: The problem of querying Java objects

            This document reviews the 2006 paper “Efficient Object Querying for Java” by Willis, Pearce, and Noble, published in Proceedings of the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (Willis, Pearce, & Noble, Efficient Object Querying for Java, 2006). The paper, based on the Master Thesis and earlier undergraduate work of one the authors (Willis, The Java Query Language , 2008), introduces a prototype system for querying Java objects: The Java Query Language (JQL). This review discusses the material in the original paper, developments in the field that have occurred since the original publication, and provides suggestions for future directions of research in this area.

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